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‘Destined For War’ Explores How To Steer distinct of Undesirable Foreseeable upcoming Conflicts : NPR – Hifow

NPR’s Robert Siegel interviews Graham Allison, author of Destined for War: Can The us and China Escape Thucydides’s Lure?, about honoring the ineffective by preventing pointless wars. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: Right away immediately after his speech, President Trump frequented the graves of fallen help users who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, likely for walks among…

‘The Physique And The Blood’ Follows Exodus Of Christians In The Middle East : NPR – Hifow

NPR’s Robert Siegel interviews Charles Sennott, creator of The Physique and the Blood: The Middle East’s Vanishing Christians and the Chance for Peace, and the government director of The GroundTruth Position. Sennott talks about the historical past of Christian communities in the Middle East, and how so lots of of them are leaving the space….

‘The Jersey Brothers’ Highlights The Enduring Legacy Of Full planet War II : NPR – Hifow

Sally Mott Freeman’s e-book, The Jersey Brothers, recounts the tale of a few men swept up by Term War II. The youngest brother gets captured in the Philippines, and the two some other folks battle to express him dwelling. NPR explores why tales of Full planet War II proceed getting so effective to us presently….

Jingle Writer Explores Decrease Of Initial Tunes In Advertising and marketing and advertising and marketing : NPR – Hifow

(SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) Unknown Male: (Singing) Mr. Extensively cleanse receives rid of dust and grime and grease in just a instant. Unknown Woman #one: (Singing) Mr. Extensively cleanse will cleanse your entire home and everything’s that in it. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: A long time in the past, products had jingles – tunes or fragments…

Remembering The Very good Poet Gwendolyn Brooks At 1 hundred : Code Switch : NPR – Hifow

Gwendolyn Brooks poses with her 1st e-book of poems, A Road in Bronzeville. AP disguise caption toggle caption AP Gwendolyn Brooks poses with her 1st e-book of poems, A Road in Bronzeville. AP In 1950, Gwendolyn Brooks grew to become the 1st African-American to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize. Hers was a Pulitzer in poetry,…