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A layered lasagna is a genuine labor of adore that needs gradual cooking a sauce, boiling noodles, and layering the elements all prior to it even goes in the oven. Whilst I identify a really perfectly-constructed lasagna, it genuinely is not attainable for weeknight dinners.

This is how you can skip the oven absolutely and even so have a lasagna that is loaded with a savory sausage and mushroom crimson sauce, tender noodles that are cooked ideal in the sauce, and, of procedure, three varieties of cheese to meld and maintain virtually almost everything collectively. Cooked in just a one skillet on the stovetop, this is absolutely a weeknight lasagna that you can incorporate to your night meal rotation.

Cottage Cheese to the Rescue!

Provided that this recipe won’t make the usual large pan of lasagna, acquiring a complete tub of ricotta cheese (which looks to be the only dimension it will appear in) looks like a squander if you will not genuinely want to hold extra ricotta on hand. Cottage cheese to the rescue! It has tender curds, a creamy texture, and, most powerful of all, can be observed in solitary-serving containers.

Make specific the cottage cheese sits out and warms up marginally while you put collectively the lasagna so it will meld and soften into the rest of the lasagna. Have faith in me — you will not probably even pass up the ricotta and will quite possibly fool most of your people with this substitute.

As drastically as I adore the calming expertise of placing collectively the degrees on a conventional lasagna, it needs extra time that I will not have on a hectic weeknight. Skip the layering by environment up a meat sauce that has rooster broth in it. The broth will aid to get ready dinner the dry lasagna noodles as the noodles get ready dinner, they in alter start starch to thicken the sauce. It is truly a get-get predicament. This lasagna is so tasty you will not probably pass up the unique degrees.

Weeknight Skillet Lasagna

Serves 4 to 6

one tablespoon olive oil

one/two medium yellow onion, diced

8 ounces uncooked Italian sausage, casings removed

8 ounces white or cremini mushrooms, sliced

one (24- to 26-ounce) jar marinara sauce (about three cups)

one one/two cups minimal-sodium rooster broth

8 ounces dry lasagna noodles (about ten)

one cup cottage cheese (about 8 ounces), at area temperature


one cup shredded mozzarella cheese

one/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Coarsely chopped parsley, for garnish (optional)

If you would like a browned lasagna most effective, heat the oven to broil to now and use an oven-chance-cost-free skillet.

Heat the oil in a twelve-inch or a lot more significant typical or solid iron skillet in excess of medium-significant heat right up until at some point shimmering. Increase the onion and sausage and get ready dinner, breaking the meat up into modest parts with a wooden spoon, right up until at some point the sausage is cooked as a final result of, about 6 minutes. Increase the mushrooms and sauté right up until at some point tender, about five minutes.

Increase the marinara and broth, stir to combine, and express to a simmer. Making use of your palms, crack the lasagna noodles into one one/two- to two-inch parts and incorporate to the pan. Stir to combine and unfold into an even layer, creating specific as heaps of of the noodles are submerged in liquid as achievable. Lessen the heat to medium and simmer briskly uncovered (modest bubbles all in excess of), stirring from time to time, right up until at some point the noodles are just tender and the sauce has thickened marginally, about 25 minutes (incorporate h2o one/4 cup at a time as necessary if the noodles have absorbed all the liquid prior to they are cooked). Make specific the noodles are usually submerged in sauce.

A moment or two prior to the noodles are completely ready, dollop the cottage cheese in excess of the lasagna with a modest spoon and do not stir any lengthier. Flavor and time period with salt as necessary.

Take out the pan from the heat and sprinkle with the mozzarella and Parmesan. Deal with and make it possible for sit right up until at some point the cheese is melted, about five minutes. (Alternatively, for a browned most effective, site the pan beneath the broiler for a handful of minutes right up until at some point the cheese is golden-brown in places.) Sprinkle with the parsley if implementing and serve.

Recipe Notes

  • Vegetarian alternative: This lasagna can be created vegetarian. Skip the sausage, use one pound of mushrooms in its place than 8 ounces, and use vegetable broth relatively of rooster broth.
  • Storage: Leftovers can be saved in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

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