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Pizza-fans, we might have just observed some issue even a large amount additional controversial than the in no way-ending pineapple topping dialogue. It would seem like foodies practically almost everywhere have commenced dunking their tacky slices into a glass of milk in advance of acquiring a bite. Of study course, you take a look at that appropriately. People are straight up dipping their pizza in milk, and they are employing social media to unfold the phrase about the bizarre ingesting schedule.

Even while some Twitter conclusion users in some way seem to be exceptionally into the pizza-milk combo, other people are on the comparable web web site as us — as in, the only challenge that probably comes to brain is “WTF?”

Instantly following recovering from the wave of shock (and nausea) I skilled the to start with time I observed proof of this obvious foodstuff items-use sample, a flood of problems entered my mind. I have shown them beneath, and I’m demanding the answers ASAP.

  1. Would not this make your slice of ‘za get chilly? I necessarily suggest, I know you will obtain a cult of chilly-pizza devotees out there, but this would seem like a genuinely unwelcome form of temperature alter.
  2. Who was the to start with individual to verify out this out?
  3. Precisely what was heading by using their head when they to start with considered to pair their pizza with milk? (Read: Precisely how lots of medications have been they on at that prompt?)
  4. What on earth is the benefit of this? Is it achievable that it actually tastes reasonably great?
  5. Would not it make the crust get all soggy? There is definitely nothing at all at all even even worse than soggy crust, am I appropriate?
  6. For the folks who devote this nefarious sin in opposition to pizza: is ranch dressing just not really great enough for you?
  7. And is it best dunked with complete, skim, or almond milk? Or, dare I say it, fifty per cent and fifty per cent?
  8. If we tried out dipping pineapple pizza in milk, would it cancel out the vileness and taste edible?
  9. Finally, how could you betray pizza like this?!

All jokes apart, we are definitely curious: would you verify out this ridiculous-bizarre ingesting schedule? Decide on the poll beneath to help us know!

Will you be dunking your ‘za in a glass of milk anytime before prolonged?

Heck indeed, I’m so down to verify out this!

No way will make me ill to my stomach.

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